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Critical Approaches to Food in Children's Literature

Critical Approaches to Food in Children's Literature (Children's Literature and Culture) - Kara K. Keeling, Scott T. Pollard I'm glad this book exists. It was a pleasure to re-visit childhood favorites (Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, Mary Poppins, Nancy Drew, Willie Wonka, oh my!) and I thoroughly enjoyed the read. I'm glad that there is an essay collection that offers a broad survey of food scenes in children's literature, definitely a fascinating topic if not one that I plan to examine in my own work.However, none of the essays really struck me as a critical approach to food - or rather, when I hear "critical approaches" I'm expecting to see a range of theories engaged to draw out different nuances and useful arguments, and that's not what you'll get here. The stronger essays use comparisons and straight-up analysis of the narrative elements to make their case, the way I ask my Intro to Lit students to do. Many essays do not do much more than but offer up a sampler - occurances of oranges in literature, for example. This is pretty useful for someone who is looking for examples of this or that in literary texts, but less so for building up a literary food theory.