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Zone One

Zone One - Colson Whitehead If you are looking for some fast-paced, heart-pumping survival action in fiction form, this is not the book you're looking for--although to be sure, the daily horrors and random attacks weathered by these characters did cause me to lose some sleep and check my doors for weak points.Instead think of this book as a meditation on the zombie apocalypse, in terms of what it would mean to a world in its throes and what it means that we're culturally so interested in zombies as a film (and book, but mostly film) trope. What are we most afraid of losing? What would we be willing to sacrifice to survive? What does the mindless consumption of the undead hordes reflect about the living? Although the main action of the novel takes place over only three days, explorations of zombie semantics spool out at leisure. Since I'd hoped to write a paper on the book, I'm a little disappointed that the narrative does so much of that work for me, but it was nonetheless an enjoyable read and that offers a lot to... um... chew on.