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The Philosophy of Food

The Philosophy of Food - David M. Kaplan This is a great collection, and I'm certainly glad that it is organized in the order as it is. The introduction lays a wonderful foundation for considering food via different philosophy routes; this is definitely an intro to excerpt for your food-themed humanities courses. The first few essays were delightful and--for me, with my particular research interests--useful considerations of eating through aesthetic and cultural lenses; I'll likely be quoting these.The bulk of the book is dedicated to far heavier material, both quantitative and polemic considers of whether certain kinds of food (mostly meat) are safe or ethical to eat. This is important stuff, and I'll be thankful to have some of the data if I ever wade into a substantial argument on the subject. But from the introduction I had expected to see a more balanced representation of the various threads of philosophy or more essays that integrated various philosophical concerns. Without that intersection of disciplines and concerns, for my purposes the book is one-third stimulating, pleasurable read and two-thirds reference.