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The Age of Miracles

The Age of Miracles - Karen Thompson Walker I read the free sample for this book ages ago, and liked it, but wasn't inflamed with the desire to download and finish it. But I saw it in paperback just before traveling this weekend, so I bought it to read when all our electronic devices were supposed to be off.If it doesn't set you on fire, it's just that it goes at slow burn. With a great idea, strong fluid prose, and a relatably shy narrator, this book is a good read; it's subdued, but not plodding, and predictable, but not dull.The one thing that did take me by surprise is that the disaster is never averted. It's not just that one expects a heroic save or deux ex machina--the narrative suggests throughout that the narrator is recalling events from some later point in time, indicating that she has survived. She does. But the world does not stop changing, becoming more difficult and destroyed. I have to respect an author that refuses to take pity on her hapless world, and goes for the more ambivalent ending.