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Boy, Snow, Bird: A Novel - Helen Oyeyemi

I'm wavering between 3.5 and 4 stars. For most of this book, the charismatic, enigmatic characters and their mysteries wrapped me up and pulled me in. I was not ready for the book to stop when it did. I wanted to know more about the sisters' strange relatonship with mirrors, wondered if Frank's dire warnings about Boy or Boy's dire warnings about Snow would play out. I wanted more of the folkstorytelling that is sprinkled throughout.


Very few of this novel's mysteries are solved. The last one that does is flat and abrupt, so perhaps that's for the best. But the lure of Oyeyemi's novels tends to be in the way that real life, folk stories, and the impossible are all equally present for all characters, and characters' wishes are answered in unexpected and regrettable ways--I wanted to stay in that world a little longer, and see more reaping of what was sown.