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In the Kettle, the Shriek - Hannah Stephenson

I don't recommend reading straight through, as I did while seated on plane: Stephenson's signature moves--frequent use of second person, lots of questions without question marks--become repetitive and a little precious. But taken singly, the poems are very satisfying to read, often starting with something common (pasta salad, a wedding, an ability to parallel park) and expanding through her rhetorical queries into something larger, more meaningful, more majestic. That's incredibly appealing to someone like me, who likewise wants to see significance in everyday acts of care or decision.


My favorite poems are the two that led me to this volume in the first place--"Fraction," "We Will Judge You Based on Your Wedding"--plus a few more that really get at that largeness-in-the-small feeling, like "Five Second Rule" and "You Can Do This."