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The Execution of Noa P. Singleton: A Novel - Elizabeth L. Silver

As with any eBook, I downloaded and read a sample of this book before I purchased it. Everything I liked about the book was present in the sample: there was mystery, confusion over a murderer's method and motive; there was Philadelphia, providing the class-conflicted backdrop for the scandal; and there appeared to be some seeds of both empathy and critique, which I like to see in a smart book.


But none of those seeds really flowered as the narrative plodded on and on toward the final revelation. The prose alternated between mimicking realistically (but dully) inarticulate dialogue and overdressed figures of speech. The narrator is more irritatingly inconsistent than fascinatingly unreliable. The mother of the deceased is a caricatured horror show, and few other characters get enough stage time to make much of an impression. (It's one thing if a narrator is arrogant enough to dismiss the value and depth of other characters; it's quite another thing if the novel does so.) So, I was invested enough to want to find out what really happened, and to get chills when walking around in Rittenhouse Square one night, but it's not a book I would gladly lend to a friend.